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IntelliManage Overview

IntelliManage is a plug-and-play operational back-office solution that allows for the easy implementation of Tolling Integrated Services, such as image review, trip building, dynamic congestion pricing and road usage charging algorithms, online dashboards, and reports for business intelligence and analytics. IntelliManage serves as the digital hub to implement and manage smart contracts, business rules, and data produced by tolling systems.

VIPER: Video Image Processing to Ensure Revenue

VIPER is an all-inclusive and performance-based turnkey solution for image-based toll transaction processing.

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MIRA: Manual Image Review Application

MIRA provides toll operators with a technology platform designed for continuous improvement. MIRA combines new technology with a highly flexible design to optimize workflow for the manual image review process to ensure the highest quality and consistency.

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KARS: Kyra's Automated Recognition System

KARS is known in the industry as an ALPR (automatic license plate reader) and achieves a higher automation rate with a greater accuracy level. Our state-of-the-art ALPR provides significant cost savings over existing technology.

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