IntelliConnect Selected by Florida Turnpike for SunTrax Testing Facility

Kyra Solutions, Inc. IntelliConnect solution selected by the Florida Turnpike for SunTrax Testing Facility

The Florida Turnpike Enterprise (FTE) selected Kyra Solutions’ IntelliConnect software to perform testing of emerging technologies, using both Connected Vehicle and Non-Connected Vehicle technology, to improve safety, mobility, and operational efficiencies. This software is being used for managing, monitoring, and configuring multi-vendor roadside infrastructure devices and systems. The IntelliConnect module utilizes in-cabinet equipment, Roadside Units (RSUs), sensors (Lidar, cameras, radar), and other Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) hardware at the SunTrax testing facility in Central Florida. 

Kyra’s IntelliRoad team will provide IntelliConnect software and IntelliConnect Edge (IVP Hub) devices for managing connected vehicles data, management of the applications at the edge, and broadcasting of Traveler Information Message to the RSUs based on configured rules in the central software.  

Kyra Solutions, Inc. is Government’s trusted partner in their digital transformation, serving state and local agencies exclusively for over two decades. Its IntelliRoad division provides leading-edge transportation solutions that improve roadway safety, increase mobility, and ensure tolling revenue.